The Large Professional Breeder – Part 1

Peter | October 5th, 2008
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Generally speaking, there are three different types of breeders: the large professional breeder, the small professional breeder, and what is usually referred to as the backyard breeder. Today we will discuss the advantages of buying your puppy from a large professional breeder.

When, and if, you find yourself dealing with a large kennel, you can best bet that you will be involved with people who have been in the breeding business for a long time. They will know what they are talking about. Running a large operation such as that requires a great deal of time, skill, money, and most importantly, a deep passion for their work.

Large Professional Breeders Have Plenty Of Staff Members & Quite The Selection

Many large kennel owners have managers who run things for them. However, if you wish to talk to the owner and make your final purchase from him, by all means do so. If for some reason he can’t be found, tread very slowly. You have every right to culminate any business dealings with the owner if you wish.

Another advantage of dealing with a large kennel is that the selection is usually pretty great. The people and the service you find there may not be as personal as the smaller kennels, but you’ll be able to choose from a large assortment of colors and ages. A more mature dog should be considered if you don’t feel like going through training and time required by the very young puppy.

More Than Enough Information Provided On The Dog You Have Interests In

The professional breeder will be able to discuss the puppy you’re interested in, and very thoroughly. He will know the sire and the dam and will be able to give you detailed information on the pedigrees. You will be able find out about the temperament of the parents, how others in the litter have fared, or how previous litters from the same parents have fared. You will be able to see obedience records, and championships that have come down through the lineage of that particular puppy you are considering purchasing.

You will be given specific information on a feeding and exercise program which can carry your puppy right through to maturity. This may seem novel, but it’s incredible how many dog owners are at a loss when it comes to giving their pet the appropriate amount of exercise which is necessary for that particular breed.

The large professional breeder can tell you the amount of grooming the puppy should have, whether or not he sheds, and how much. Certain breeds shed more profusely than others, and many a new dog owner has been horrified when they have found hairs from a German Shepherd on the couch. My wife hates all of that hair! or He is a short-haired dog, I didn’t think he would shed so much! is usually the complaints before the hapless dog is resold or dropped off at the local animal shelter.

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