The Large Professional Breeder – Part 2

Peter | October 9th, 2008
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Large professional breeders are able to supply you with an amazing amount of detailed information on the dog that interests you. In addition to pedigree information, an exercise and diet program specific to that breed, and records of behavior through the bloodline, you will also receive a health record showing the dates that the puppy received his inoculations, what type, and how many more are needed.

Registration papers are also provided, along with instructions on how to properly submit them to the American Kennel Club so that your new puppy becomes registered with his new name, the name that you have selected for him.

Large Professional Breeders Will Work With You Easily On Any Problems

There are instances when a dog will develop a congenital illness. The dreaded hip dysplasia in may of the medium and large-sized breeds and progressive retina disease found in Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs are two problems which can occasionally slip by even the most cautious professional breeder.

If by chance your new puppy does develop such an inherited defect, the large kennel is normally in a position to make necessary adjustments. This is usually accomplished by refunding your money or providing you with another selection. Not that it eases the hurt of losing perhaps the pup you fell in love with, but it helps to know that the intentions of the breeder are honorable. It wold be wise to reach such an understanding before your purchase is made.

1st Class Travel Arrangements & The Utmost In Care For Your New Puppy

Because the kennel is large and there is usually ample space, many breeders will be in a position to provide you with the unparalleled service of boarding your dog with someone you trust. Facilities for grooming might also be available and this comes in very handy, especially for those dogs who need fancy stripping and clipping.

Many kennels will refuse to ship a puppy by air, while others will ship only when driving distances are too lengthly. Some have been known to deliver a puppy personally, and others will use the airlines claiming that they have had no problems with air travel safety.

If you decide to purchase your puppy from a professional breeder outside of your immediate area, your correspondence with that breeder should include which sex you prefer your new puppy to be, the color you would like, and whether you want pet, breeding, or show prospect stock.

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