Training Your Dog To Dig In One Spot

Gemma | November 30th, 2009
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Dogs and especially puppies love to dig. It’s simply in their nature and for many puppies it’s their favorite hobby. Young puppies are especially likely to start digging as it is a natural way of dealing with and relieving doggy stress.

Being a puppy is quite stressful even in a quiet house. There are lots of new experiences to deal with and it’s common sense that this may cause a young puppy to get stressed. Strange smells and sounds, lack of attention and many other things may cause your new dog to dig in order to release some of the pressure they may be feeling.

The good news is that there is a way for you to allow your puppy or dog to dig and release their stress without them destroying your garden or other valuable possesions.

Follow the simple instructions below to help to train your dog to only dig in an acceptable area and leave other areas alone. These instructions will train your dog not to dig and claw in areas that you don’t want him to. It creates a place for your dog where he is free to dig without worrying about upsetting you.

1. First you need to determine an acceptable area where your dog can dig or claw as much as they want to. This could be a small patch in the backyard, local park or even somewhere in your house.

2. Make it as much fun for them to dig in this area as possible. Try burying or hiding their favorite toys in this area. Now your dog can dig and have fun trying to find their toys at the same time. Try digging along with them to make it even more fun for them.

3. Each day go back to the chosen area and instruct your dog to start digging with a command such as “go dig” or “find it”. After a while your dog should associate the command with digging in the dirt. You can try burying a dog treat in the dirt but be sure to make sure they find it!

4. If you see your dog digging in another area be sure to correct them with the “NO” command. Say it firmly but don’t yell. Then guide them to the chosen digging spot. This is exactly the same routine you would use to housetrain a puppy. Eventually your dog will automatically go to their digging spot when they feel the urge to dig.

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