Is Your Dog Annoying?

Peter | December 11th, 2009
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A well trained dog brings joy to their owner as well as friends and neighbors of the owner. A dog which doesn’t get at least basic training can be a real pain to be around. Even though the owner may think it’s cute, it may at times be a danger to itself as well as to others.

A dog which won’t come to its owner on command can run into the path of an approaching car or motorbike and cause an accident. Not only could your pet be injured or killed but so could the occupants of any vehicle involved in an accident.

It Will Never Happen To My Dog…

Imagine for a moment that you’re leaving the house with your dog. Since you’re getting in the car you don’t bother putting the dog’s leash on. Your untrained dog sees a cat or another dog on the other side of the street. If you dog runs off and starts to cross the cross will the respond to your command to “come here”?

How about another scenario in which you’re across the street chatting with a neighbour. Your dog gets out of the yard and wants to run across to you. There is a car coming towards you. Will you dog “sit” on the other side of the road when you tell them to? Or will they run into the path of the car?

But My Dog Doesn’t Need Training Because Of It’s Breed…

The size of your dog and it’s breed have nothing to do with basic dog training. Small dogs can provide just as much a hazard as larger ones in many situations.

A large Saint Bernard may knock you flying when it’s just trying to greet you, but a Miniature Schnauzer might get under your feet and trip you up when you have an armful of packages. The point here is the size of the dog doesn’t matter. There is situations where a lack of training can be down right dangerous.

Not all situations are dangerous however, some are just plain annoying. Imagine when friends visit and your dog won’t stop barking, jumping up and making a nuisance of themselves. Wouldn’t it be great if your dog would “lie down” on command and calm down.

But I Don’t Really Have The Time To Train My Dog…

Training your dog can actually save you time. Imagine not having to chase after your dog and them actually coming to you when you ask.

Training a dog so that they follow simple commands isn’t time consuming at all. In fact if you train them the smart way you actually don’t have to spend lots of extra time because you modify their behaviour during time you would be spending with them anyway. Get a dog clicker and reward good behavior with a tasty treat and a click. Pretty soon your dog will associate the click of the clicker with a reward and you can simply click to reward good behaviour.

When it comes to your dog there really is no excuse for not giving them at least basic training. You are their role model and it’s up to you to teach them the difference between good and bad behaviour. Training your pet is your responsibility and with the right care and attention your dog will be a pleasure to be around. You may even have some fun while training them!

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