Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary? You Be The Judge (Part

Gemma | January 5th, 2006
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Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary? You Be The Judge (Part 2)

Most puppy kindergarten classes introduce you and your puppy to the basic obedience commands that will be used throughout the dog’s life. The most common include sit, down, stay, come and heel. Other commands may include watch me and leave it.

Ideally, the puppy-class instructor will demonstrate each command, showing you how to teach your puppy. Most instructors will demonstrate with one of their own dogs first, then with an untrained puppy in the class. By demonstrating with one of the puppies enrolled in the class you can see the technique in action. After all, the instructor’s dog is already trained and will make it look so easy!

After demonstrating a command, the instructor will then have everyone try it with their own puppies. He or she will help those that are having trouble understanding or performing the training techniques, and will show alternative techniques for the puppies that are having trouble. When everyone (owners and puppies) understand, the instructor will move on to the next exercise.

The techniques and methods used by dog trainers and instructors vary, depending upon the individual’s likes, dislikes and background. No one technique is right or wrong, as long as it is humane, fair to the puppy, and easy for puppy owners to learn.

There are a few bad training methods those that aren’t humane or are too difficult for pet owners to learn, but most trainers keep puppy training positive, with lots of positive reinforcements (such as praise, petting and treats), while also teaching you how to set rules and guidelines for your puppy.

The puppy-class instructor will also give examples of how to use these commands in daily life, and that’s one of the most important lessons you can learn from these classes. After all, training is not just for those few minutes when you and your puppy are in class it’s for your dog’s lifetime. When you know how to use these commands, and how to make them work for you, training is much more effective.

Important Tip: Use The Basic Commands Daily

The basic obedience commands you and your dog learn in puppy school are for much more than simply having your puppy perform them on command. Instead, they should be used throughout your puppy’s daily routine. By using the basic commands, you can teach your puppy acceptable behavior at home, as well as out in public, to prevent bad behavior from occurring.

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