Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary? You Be The Judge (Part

Gemma | January 1st, 2006
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Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary? You Be The Judge (Part 1)

It’s time you make the right decision and enroll your pup into puppy school. Take the following example from a friend of mine, Jim Bonza:

Just before my neighbor’s 100-pound, 9-month-old chocolate Labrador Retriever was about the be thrown away to the nearest animal shelter for doing what comes natural jumping up on everyone, running away every chance he could, and barking non-stop at anyone or anything I was able to save the dog by taking him in myself, Jim says.

He’s had no training; he chews everything in sight and isn’t housetrained. His owners had no idea how to train or control the dog, so they gave up on him.

This big puppy is the perfect example of why puppy classes are so important. Give your dog a head start in life by enrolling in puppy kindergarten classes. You don’t want him growing up and getting bigger, only to cause too much trouble for the family that he will need to be given up. Finding a new home for those types of untrained adult dogs is extremely difficult.

The Importance Of Puppy School

Early training for puppies can be compared to preschool or kindergarten for young children. The information being taught is vitally important for their future, yet the teaching process is designed for young minds with short attention spans.

In addition, in these classes young puppies and young children learn how to get along with each other. They learn to hold still when the teacher is talking, and how to play without hurting each other all very important lessons.

Puppy class has so many benefits so much so that many breeders require their new puppy buyers to attend these classes; some actually put that requirement into the sales contract. I’ve personally seen the success that puppy schools have; owners are happier because they learn how to communicate with their puppies and how to use their training.

Mario Lopez, a breeder from San Antonio, Texas, says this about his customers: When I’m screening potential puppy buyers, I ask up front if they have the time to train and can promise to take the puppy through kindergarten (and adult) classes.

Mario goes on to say, Taking a puppy to class helps establish a rapport between puppy and owner. Going to a class gives you a special time to focus on your puppy without distractions at home.

The education provided in a puppy class isn’t just for the puppies, though. It’s important that puppy owners learn what to do and how to do it with their puppies. They need to learn how to turn their puppies into good companions at home.

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