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Buying From A Backyard Breeder

Peter | October 21st, 2008
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One type of breeder that offers puppies for sale is known as the backyard breeder. These people should never be confused with the small professional breeder. The backyard breeder can be considered the bad apple in the barrel.

Low-Priced Puppies, Only $50.00!

This type of headline can be found all across every newspaper and small advertising publication throughout the country, each and every day. The puppies advertised are rarely, if ever, what they seem. Even if the puppies are from purebred parents, they are not bargains for they are usually the result of indiscriminate breeding. You can never be absolutely sure of what you are getting.

A Prime Example Of The Typical Backyard Breeder Sale

Mrs. Collins had been given a Collie a few years back. Several people commented on how gorgeous the dog was and, If you ever breed her, I’ll buy one of the puppies from you. Then Mrs. Collins moved into a new neighborhood in which her neighbor also had a pet Collie. At a certain time of the year, both dogs developed a tremendous liking for one another. Dollar signs began to register in the minds of both owners.

Approximately 2 months later, nine puppies had been born. Once the initial cuteness of the adoring newborns had worn off, Mrs. Collins discovered that she, and she alone, would have to bear the full brunt of this litter. She never factored in the high costs involved in puppy shots, food, worming medications and other veterinarian fees. Now after about 8 weeks, all of the puppies are weaned from the mother and Mrs. Collins is stuck feeding the entire group.

All of the I can’t wait to buy a puppy from you friends have conveniently disappeared. Then one day Mrs. Collins discovers that she is only allowed a specific number of dogs on the property, as outlined in the apartment rules. Now she is faced with a fact: these purebred Collies must now be dumped!

Full of worms, and not inoculated against anything, Mrs. Collins is faced with three choices. She can dump them off on some unsuspecting pet shop, take them to the animal shelter, or place an ad in the local paper and try to recoup some of her money.

So, this litter of Collie puppies end up in the Sunday newspaper. No one will know until it’s too late that the puppies will have terrible temperaments. Nobody checked the pedigrees (if in fact there had been any to begin with) to find out exactly what was behind the two Collies who had been mated.

I am using the term mated instead of bred because true breeding is a science that takes time, skill, and devotion to creating the healthiest puppies possible. Backyard breeders like Mrs. Collins have no clue as to what it takes to create a real purebred puppy. So beware of buying cheap pets from your local newspaper.

Consequently, if you are disgruntled over the high prices that professional breeders are asking for their puppies, remember that breeding and raising good dogs is not a cheap investment. Puppies must be given the best food available, including vitamins and mineral supplements. Veterinary fees are not cheap. The professional breeder knows all of these things. And all of these reasons are why buying a good puppy from a professional breeder is worth every dollar you spend.

The Small Professional Breeder – Part 2

Alan | October 18th, 2008
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Shopping for a new puppy through a small professional breeder is one of the best choices you could make. These breeders offer much more personal help with questions and interests than larger breeder organizations do, and with more respected care for their puppies than you could possibly imagine.

However, as mentioned previously, small breeders are absolutely meticulous with choosing the right family for their pups. Do you have any children? If so, how many do you have and what are the ages? are example questions you will be asked. And these questions are important to the devoted breeder, as in many instances, very young children are unintentionally cruel to small puppies.

The small professional breeder will also want to make sure that the children, no matter what ages, will not be solely responsible for the puppy’s welfare. Youngsters’ interests wane quickly. As great as their intentions, basketball practice or a new boyfriend can readily replace the constant attention first given to the family’s new puppy.

Do you work? Who is at home during the day? These should be self-explanatory. No puppy should be left alone all day to fend for itself. It certainly cannot be expected to housetrain itself, or teach itself the necessary do’s and don’ts of family membership.

How many dogs have you previously owned? This is the clincher. If you have owned quite a few, be prepared to explain what’s become of them. If, for one reason or another, they have disappeared in rapid succession, it isn’t too much for the breeder to expect that his puppy will join their ranks and turn you down as a customer.

What Difference Does It Make? What Business Is It To The Breeder?

The answer is: PLENTY! If he was on his hands and knees helping his female give birth to the litter, helping her rub life into their little bodies, up nights feeding them with an eye dropper to make certain each pup got its fair share of food then yes, the small breeder will make it his business to make sure that the life he helped into this world is destined for a good home!

The small professional breeder is seldom in the breeding business to make money. They may make money boarding, they may make money with grooming, or even handling dogs in the show ring, but they know there’s no profit in raising two or three litters each year. They firmly believe that the litters they raise are absolutely the best specimens of their favored breed.

You Are Getting The Best Of The Best

By careful and selective breeding, these small breeders have attempted to eliminate any and all known faults, and to improve certain characteristics of the breed. Truly, theirs is a labor of love. You may have to pay a lot more for the puppy you select, but trust me when I say this; the small professional breeder has invested more time, love, and attention in the puppy then what he is being paid for, guaranteed!

One Last Note About Small Professional Breeders

Some small breeders do not like doing business at a distance. Do not be disappointed if you hear: Oh I’m sorry, we do not ship puppies but if you’d like to come and see us, we’ll be very happy to meet you.

In essence, these breeders know that puppies are trusting little bundles of love and they feel that it is their responsibility to do everything in their power to guarantee the most loving and permanent home possible.

How To Get The Most From Your Breeder By Educating Yourself

Peter | August 24th, 2008
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One of the top aspects of being a reputable breeder is that they should know what type of behavior to expect from his puppies as they grow into adulthood, known as temperate.

Although it is easy to predict the future temperament of a litter by observing their parents, the right breeder has the knowledge and understanding of the breed that goes way back to it’s history. This knowledge and understanding gives the breeder a better insight of his dogs’ behavior and temperament. He can tell you why his dog behaves a certain way, its personality, and what drives the dog to do certain things and act the way it does.

A good breeder can also tell you his puppy’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and what changes to expect as it gets older (physically and mentally). Does it enjoy being around children? Does it get along with strangers and other animals? Is it needy or independent? What are its grooming and exercise needs? Is it a good watchdog? The right breeder should be able to answer these questions and more.

It is important for him to make sure that you, the potential buyer, are well equipped with the necessary tools and information to create the best home for the puppy. Furthermore, a responsible breeder will want to make sure that the puppy will be happy living in your home and that you all are the ideal family for it.

Arm Yourself With Breed Conformation Information

A breed conformation is defined as a specific way of describing a certain breed; the shape, size, and structure there are common with the standard type of breed.

Before visiting a breeder, you should check the official breed standard of the particular breed you’re looking for. The official breed standard is posted on the website. By checking the site, you will have the knowledge of what the puppy is supposed to look like before you make the purchase. In addition, you won’t be fooled by a dishonest breeder into giving him more money for something that is allegedly a rare size, color, or look, but is actually a disqualifying or severe fault.

An honest breeder conforms to the standard of the breed and will only sell puppies with disqualifying or severe faults for a lesser price (up to 50% off). He should let you know that these puppies are less expensive because they are considered as pet-quality dogs and not show-quality dogs.

Finding A Professional Breeder That Puts Health First

Alan | August 19th, 2008
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If you are thinking about getting a specific pure bred puppy, the best route is to go to a professional breeder. And if you want to make sure that the purebred puppy is in great health, has a sound temperament, and one that will match with your personality and lifestyle, then you need to find an honest and knowledgeable breeder, one that will help you find that perfect puppy.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Breeder

Nowadays, finding a reputable breeder is not as easy as it used to be. Many self-proclaimed breeders are nothing more than regular dog owners practicing backyard breeding. Many of these backyard breeders lack proper knowledge, history, and understanding of the breed, other than the one that they own.

Therefore, you need to do a thorough research and find a legitimate breeder, one who is also honest and well educated about specific dog breeds. A reputable breeder should be able to give you pertinent information about his puppies, as well as answer questions you may have regarding the breed, even after you have purchased the puppy. Most importantly, a reputable breeder should have genuine interest and love for his dogs.

One advantage of going to a breeder is that he has first-hand experience and knowledge of raising that specific dog breed. These are two important factors that he can pass down to you which will help you raise a healthy and happy dog. Reliable breeders are concerned about many aspects of their dogs, with health being number one.


A reputable breeder’s top priority is to make sure that his puppies are free of genetic diseases that are common and dangerous to that specific breed. For instance, a breeder of Labrador retrievers should test their puppies for, at the least, diseases and disorders that are common with the breed, such as developmental diseases of the bone and joint, retinal dysplasia, and tricuspid dysplasia.

That breeder should all have an updated certificate for eye evaluation obtained from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation that ensures the puppy does not have genetic eye disease. The results of the eye evaluation should be registered at the Canine Health Information Center, where potential buyers and owners can go to and check the results.