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Driving With A Barking Dog In The Car

Gemma | November 28th, 2009
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If you have ever been driving with a barking dog in the car you will know it is enough to make anyone crazy. It seems like everything you go past in the car makes them bark.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cars, bikes, children, cats, other dogs or even non threatening objects like houses, your dog just seems to bark at anything and everything.

Most of us will lose our temper and end up yelling at the dog in an attempt to get some peace. Driving is often stressful enough without a barking dog to contend with. But this is only going to excite your dog even more.

If you start yelling you’re actually confirming to the dog that you feel the same as they do. They bark and you shout. Your dog is probably thinking that you are in total agreement with them.

If you follow these three tips while out driving with your dog you should with a little time and patience reduce the amount of barking and eventually stop it altogether…

1. Try To Relax

You want your dog to be relaxed so try leading by example. Play some relaxing music at a low volume and stay calm and collected even if your dog gets excited. Talk softly to your dog without stress in your voice and give their head a little rub (without crashing the car).

2. The Water Trick

If the first tip doesn’t work you can try something more drastic. Carry a small water bottle or water pistol with you. When your dog starts to bark quickly give them a little squirt of water and at the same time firmly say “no”. Most dogs will immediately stop barking. Saying “no” in a firm voice will eventually stop them barking even without the water because they will learn to associate it with the water spray.

3. Use A Dog Crate

Another thing you can do is use a dog crate. You simply use a crate that your dog can sit in whenever they are in the car. The crate should limit the dogs field of view so they can’t see everything rushing by. Without the stimulation of everything rushing by they are unlikely to start barking. This is a better option for small and medium dogs but can be difficult with larger dogs.

Whatever technique you use, try to stay calm. Getting stressed doesn’t do you or the dog any good. Also remember to focus on the road and try to have a safe journey!